Top Projects

lingualearn LinguaLearn
LinguaLearn is a host of language-learning tools under active development. There are two components: one to increase verbal fluency and the second to improve pronunciation. My colleagues and I are just at the beginning on this project.
mosaic Mosaic
The Mosaic database will serve as a single source of truth of mental health resources for different mobile and web apps, such as MindLogger (below), Child Mind Institute's website, etc. One of the goals is to generate personalized mental health guides on the fly for use by patients, parents, educators, and clinicians.
mindlogger MindLogger
Create your own mobile phone applications for conducting remote data collection, assessments, and interventions! Easy to use, and rich with features (survey tools, drawing, tapping, and cognitive tasks, audio recordings, geolocation, etc.).
I started working on this project in 2017, and now there is a large team actively adding features. Give it a try!
Engram keyboard layout
Engram is a key layout I optimized for comfortable and efficient touch typing in English with software to create other optimized key layouts. You can install the Engram layout on Windows, macOS, and Linux or try it out online. I am working on a scientific article for publication in an ergonomics journal.
elloradaily Halloween!
Once a year I take out a week to create a different identity. Most of these costumes don't last long, as they usually follow an edible theme.
elloradaily Ellora Time-lapse
I took a photograph of my daughter's face every day up until she entered college (now much more sporadically), and use facial features to coregister the images to create a time-lapse animation of her entire life. This project has been showcased in articles in the L.A. Times and Slate Magazine and has aired on Japan's NHK and Germany's DW-TV.
elloracaves Ellora Cave Temples
My wife and I collaborated with Professor Walter Spink of the University of Michigan to create the first comprehensive documentation of the Ellora cave temples of India. I took over 7,000 digital photographs of the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cave temples and have constructed an online "walk through" user interface to view the images with respect to the temple ground plans. This work was funded in part by a grant from the Mellon Foundation and several grants from the Indian government. We are now working on a book about the Ellora Caves that will be published in the summer of 2024!
mindboggle_logo Mindboggle brain image analysis software
I created Mindboggle, Python software for the analysis (feature extraction, labeling, and morphometry) of brain image data. The project has been funded by three NIH grants, is under active development, and is maintained by the Computational Neuroimaging Lab at the Child Mind Institute.
Mindboggle's brain image viewer is a browser-based, interactive brain surface visualization tool developed at a hackathon back in 2015 that shows plots of Mindboggle shape measures corresponding to anatomically labeled brain images.
infovis Information visualization database
I created this searchable database of over 1,000 information visualizations to guide development of a taxonomic classification system for organizing and graphical language for symbolically representing such visualizations.

Family project websites

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